Who We Are

The International MOMS Club was formed in California in 1983 by an at-home mother who wanted an organization designed to provide support and activities specifically for at-home mothers and their children. The idea spread and there are now over 1,500 chapters and over 100,000 members in the US, with international chapters starting as well.

The MOMS Club of Plano – West began in August 2016 with a single member. We hope to spread the word and grow to accommodate local at-home mothers looking for a community! Our goals, as stated by the International MOMS Club, are:

  • To provide a support group for mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children,
  • To provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers,
  • To help children in the community, and
  • To perform at least one service project yearly helping needy children.

Our principles, as stated by the International MOMS Club, are:

  • That women must be free to choose their personal path to fulfillment,
  • That, for women who choose it, raising children is an important and fulfilling full-time job,
  • That a family’s decision for a mother to stay at home to raise the children often involves considerable financial sacrifice, and
  • That there is no one right way to raise children, but our members have a common concern in raising their children in a healthful way.

Our chapter serves the area of Plano located to the west of Custer Road. We’re always accepting new members!

boundary map

If you do not live within the boundaries of our chapter, please visit the International MOMS Club website  to find a chapter near you.